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Game Gurus is a premium betting-tips service that grants you access to the very best sports tips from around the world.
We have a summer break
Back with even more great picks when the big leagues start again in the fall!
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Bankroll growth with Game Gurus: 549 %
2018 March 1st = 5000 EUR
2019 March 31th = 22 463 EUR

We have a fictitious bankroll to show what the service delivers if you play as Game Gurus. Bankroll started at 5000 € and the value now is 22 463 €, which gives a fantastic growth at 549 %. (Pause June-August) 




We have a summer break. Back with even more great picks when the big leagues start again in the fall!


- We have now been live for one year and delivered 552 qualitative picks and with a ROI of 15%. Just amazing!


- We continue the year with a positive month. February, we delivered 66 pick with a ROI of 7%.


- What a start in 2019! In January, we delivered 47 pick with a ROI of 26%.


- New Game Gurus launched

In 2018, we are proud to have delivered more than 275 tips for our members and with an ROI of 16%, but we will not stop there. Now Game Gurus gets even better!

What´s new?

- Access all picks for only 29 € / month - Game Gurus now becomes a subscription service. As a member you now have access to all picks, choose to subscribe for one or three months.

- Don't miss any pick - As a member you can now get the pick sent directly to your mail. (If you do not receive any mail, go to Profile and click in Notify by E-mail.)

- Even more good tips -  New experts have been signed to increase the amount of tips and get even higher quality on the site. 

Sign your subsription today!


- Soon we will launch new Game Gurus

Do not miss the relaunch of Game Gurus during December.


- Game Gurus are back!

We hope you have had a lovely summer. Now we are finally back for a new and exciting season. We hope you are ready for another thrilling autumn with many great picks and a lot of winnings.

- The market's best experts

Our numbers speak for themselves! At Game Gurus you will always find the best experts in the market. And this summer we have recruited even more great experts, ready to provide qualitative picks for you So get ready! This season's first picks are coming up this weekend – good luck! .