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About us

Our mission

In a simple way provide our members with a long-term successful betting.

From a simple idea to unique service

Our journey started some years ago with a simple thought – how can we create a tip-sharing service which focuses on the customer? After years as members on different tip-sharing services, we realised that none of the them cared about customer benefits.

The same problem was repeated all the time. The services focused on making money for the betting companies instead of focusing on the customer's wallet. Here we saw a conflict of interest and an opportunity to do something new.

Today we are very proud to offer you a service with only one mission – in a simple way provide our members with a long-term successful betting.

This is Game Gurus

  • The entire service is built to benefit our members - To make it easy, you can get all the tips directly in your mailbox.
  • We have gathered some of the world's best experts – with varied expertise and a documented history of successful sports-betting.
  • We provide 100 % transparency and full history of all recommended tips, so that you as a member can rely on our statistics.
  • Our unique technical platform ensure good odds values, longer winning streaks and shorter losing streaks.
  • To offer qualitative tips we focus on quality, not quantity.
  • And finally, The service is completely independent from all bookmakers. We do not take and will never take payment from the betting companies.

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