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Guidelines for successful betting

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if you got rich overnight? Well, then you should try the lottery...

Thinking long term and building a betting bankroll is the most important and maybe the only way to succeed in the betting industry.

If you can do that, we will help you with the rest and guarantee you a positive growth of your betting bankroll overtime.

In the short term, it gives you good pocket money. In a longer perspective, a new profession and a new way to live your life!

Stake Guide
How much money you should bet depends on your bankroll. Your bankroll is the amount of money you deposited for your betting, which of course can vary between people. The stake guide below tells you how many percent of your bankroll you should bet on each bet.

Stake Bet % of bankroll
1 1 %
2 2 %
3 3 %
4 4 %
5 5 %
6 6 %
7 7 %
8 8 %
9 9 %
10 10 %

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